Here is the home of other worlds, alien creatures, wayward thoughts, and meanderings of Lynn DeRiso. Through my writings, you may encounter the landscapes of other worlds, alien perspectives and an apocalypse or two.

I’m unpublished as of yet, and I greatly appreciate feedback and constructive critiques. I have a novel project in progress, but too many other ideas to work on at once. My goal is to finish the big pieces, and then work toward bigger horizons.

~ Lynn


11 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi, I’ll carry on reading..like what I’ve read so far. Very vivid imagination you have, but then that is a pre-requisite for this genre πŸ™‚
    Visit my blog and click on the third page tab under the banner called Eons of Eternity..see some slight Silti similarities πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Blue Angel!

    This is tmso (Nila E White) from the SFFWorld forum. Glad to see you blogging. Have fun.

    Oh, and don’t worry about the lack of views or comments. I’m always amazed when people I see all the time randomly say, “Oh, that was a great post, by the way, read it way back when…”

  3. Hi Lynn — An absolute pleasure to visit your blog. I’ve taken a quick look at Shoreline’s Dream, and it’s very fine indeed. All of us from SFFWorld are looking forward to your novel’s completion. Best of luck, and don’t be a stranger — Zacharias O’Bryan (“Spirit Thorn” author)

    1. Thanks, tmso!

      I’ve got an issue though. I was reading some of the info on duotrope, and it says not to post unpublished stories online because publishers might not like it.

      Also, I forgot what the correct format for submitting is. Where is it listed?

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