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The Silti cannot remember the universe that gave birth to their kind, and cannot remember a time when they did not consume one universe, and move on to the next. They have never had names, nor needed them. They move continuously in a large kin group, migrating, feeding, and absorbing all knowledge.

When the Silti have devoured the last stars of a universe, their lithe worm-like forms emit bioluminescence in the ominous darkness that is left. As they consume every resource until there is nothing left but atomic particles, they build enough energy to jump to the next universe in a string of infinity.

With every migration, a new generation is born. The cycle takes eons, and yet they continue on endlessly. They encounter and cause the demise of a multitude of civilizations. They do not mean to, but they cannot survive if they stop consuming. It is all they have ever known.

Strangely, in a numbered few of these civilizations the Silti find they are worshipped as Gods. The concept is confusing, and they do not know what to make of the undue attention of the small creatures that call themselves “people”. The word is an odd description of the disorganized and highly individualized little beings. The Silti have always identified as a group, and a reasonable organized one at that. Their definition of “people” is a bit different.

As time went on, the universe with the strange “people” in it began to change. Things never really died right away as the Silti fed. They began to slowly lose all substance and just fade away. The green stuff would disappear first, seeming to just wither away from no cause. The process would reverberate down to other forms of life.

Then, the “people” started to fade away. After all their time in this universe, the Silti had communicated with the “people” sometimes. Now, they were disappearing like everything else. Such defiant little sparks of life they were. The Silti felt sadness, and guilt in spite of themselves. They could not fight the instinct for self-preservation, and they sadly felt the hidden cost of it.

Before the last of the “people” died away, one had spoken to the Silti.

“If the infinity of universes do have an end, would that last one be worth letting alone?”

The Silti were impressed by this question, and considered it for some time. Infinity was difficult to fully comprehend, even for the Silti. To stop consuming all matter would mean death for all the Silti.

They weighed the dilemma between their own species survival, and the end of life in every possible universe. It was a worrisome conflict. It took a very long time to come to a consensus, but the Silti finally reached agreement.

The only option the Silti had was to carry the memory of the question and the answer they must consider if they did encounter an end to infinity.


2 thoughts on ““Silti”

  1. Very good story. Very original and a great ending. I love sci fi on the universal scale. By the way, found your website through a Sci Fi Forum. Keep up the good work!

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