Sep 22, 2011

Hey all, sorry for the lack of activity here, but other things have been keeping me busy. This will be just a quick post to let everyone know a couple of things.

I will be taking down some of my flash fictions, because I’m considering submitting them to a few places and posting them online freely will affect first publishing rights. I’m leaving up a few that I probably won’t pursue publishing.

I do have a few snippets here and there that I may still post, but I have to be a little more careful from now on. I’ll try to keep things interesting in the meantime.

If some of you happen to be members over at , then I can post a link to the stories section where you can view and critique the story.

*  *  *

Other than that, I got myself a library card and have been a real bookworm in the past few months. Best thing I’ve done in a while. No to mention, it has likely saved me money.

Been reading some of Robert J. Sawyer’s stuff. I read the WWW: Trilogy, Factoring Humanity, and Calculating God. The last was my favorite. Very thought provoking.

Also been reading some of Jane Goodal’s books about Chimpanzees. For that I blame the recent Planet of the Apes movie that I saw. Obviously I liked it.

I did manage to read Michio Kaku’s Physics of the Impossible, and got a couple of good ideas for things to utilize in science fiction writing. Pick it up for a read. It can get pretty complex, but it’s worth a look.

Okay guys, I should be back sooner than later with more content.

~ Lynn