Why It Matters

Sometimes I have to stop myself and ask “Why do I care so much about my stories?” No one else has ever asked me why, since I rarely share that I write with anyone. Most people I’ve encountered don’t often care enough to read a random person’s writings, and I also don’t want to come off like person who’s pitching a pipe dream. I’m well aware my efforts may end up amounting to nothing. Just the same as any of the other thousands of writers.
So then, why does it matter to me? Is it because I’ve spent years developing these characters, living their scenarios and improving everything as I go along? Could it be because I used this medium as an escape from my real, and not so great life? All of the above. Over all this time, my projects have become a part of me, and feel like something special I alone made. Sharing it with an audience is the final step in a very long process of the initial drafts, editing, and polishing that goes on before ever thinking of submitting a manuscript.
My main goal now is simply finishing this project. Once all the first draft chapters are done, then I go back and get heavy on editing and polishing. After realizing all the work that’s yet to be done, I fully understand the mess I’ve gotten myself into. Now that it matters to me, I find that I want to share it with other fans of science fiction. I can only hope that I’m lucky enough to get the chance one day.

~ Lynn