The New Cosmos & Creationists

I have managed to catch two of the first episodes of Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s new iteration of Cosmos. I enjoyed it, and think he’s doing a fine job. I can only hope that it reaches youth and adults alike in this country, considering we have a much different attitude toward science than we did when Carl Sagan first took the helm. There is a distinct hostility toward scientific knowledge these days, or is it just plain apathy?

It could also be the rise of political evangelism. Heaven forbid we admit that evolution shaped what we are, and that this planet is much older than six thousand years. Let alone that there exists a universe beyond that is incomprehensible in its magnitude and that we are just a tiny pale blue dot.

So, young Earth creationists have stated that want their fair shake within this little program. Some TV stations have even censored the bits mentioning evolution, careful not to offend the local fundies.

I find that censorship disturbing, and it only shows the arcane dogmatic approach to knowledge is largely unchanged from the darker ages. If some communities wish not to hear or accept this knowledge, then that is their right. However, they should not be allowed in any way, shape, or form be able to silence that knowledge from everyone else. It’s just unacceptable.

Secondly, if proposing ancient myth as factual is ‘balanced’ in conjunction next to science, then we have lost serious grip of realities that stare us in the face. Myth cannot stand up to scientific scrutiny, nor have they ever produced conclusive proof. Science and myth are now far too different to be placed on the same table. One is an outdated, and early attempt to understand the workings of the world; the other is rooted in hard fact, and tested theories. It’s also of note to consider that science is willing to change it’s definitions when new understanding is discovered. Something religion pulls it’s hair out trying to avoid.

So, I will try to bite my tongue by not being rude and telling the fundies to go sit in a corner while the adults talk, I will ask that they not be allowed to fuck education up for the rest of us. There are generations of people who need and deserve all the knowledge at their fingertips, and that should never be snatched away because it offends someone’s ideology.

Okay, rant over.

~ Lynn






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