On Entitlement / Culture

I wasn’t sure if I should write anything about this, but I’m starting to feel that I should, considering that the issues involved are ones that occasionally irk me.

As many have well heard, Elliot Rogers went on a shooting spree at his college campus because of his long difficulties with women. I read some of his manifesto, and while I can relate to his not having any luck with the opposite sex, I can’t condone his sense of entitlement. I think for the most part, this little fuck was a spoiled, never told no, and had parents that didn’t give enough of a shit to notice he had issues. That’s where his sense of entitlement sprang from. Fuck him, and fuck the flawed people who failed to raise him.

I don’t believe the is one single cause that led up to his actions, or events like it. It’s not guns, violent videogames/ movies, mental health issues, or any other thing the media and other parties like to claim. Most of us have these things, watch these things, and we don’t act the same way as this person did.
It is a multitude of factors in one person’s life that lead to a boiling point, and this kid plainly outlines the ‘why’ in his manifesto. I believe it was his upbringing coupled with social isolation that led to this.

Now let me clarify something, he did not just want any women, he wanted very beautiful women. I’m sure there probably were women interested in him at one point, but they simply weren’t up to his standard. This is where I think a big problem lies.

Human culture is obsessed with beauty and perfection, and all of our wares( advertisements, tv, movies, print media, art, etc.) are constantly being directed at both men and women. Most people are considered average in beauty, while a smaller percentage are the top tier. What this does to our populace is conditioning, meaning we’re trained from youth to be attracted to the most beautiful specimens of our people. While most of us know we’ll never attain mates of that level, many would rather aim for the elite. It’s really not their fault, since both nature and our very visual culture has shaped our desires over time to search out the healthiest genes. This elitism of beauty does cause trouble for everyone, because not everyone can attain nor become beautiful in the same sense. We are stuck with what we have. The problem I tend to see is that the over importance of beauty often outweighs many people from noticing each other.

It’s always bothered me that some people get treated differently, just because they look better than the rest of us. Some of these people even coast by in life just for that fact, and they’re allowed to do so by society. I truly resent those people, and more so those who allow it to happen.

We’re led to believe from day one that these examples of ‘love’ and ‘beauty’ are the best we can strive for, while underhandedly leaving out lesser human beings because they don’t fit the look. And whenever they do bring in someone who is outside that example, think morbidly obese actress, the media outlets show them off like a token rescue story, “Oh, look at her, she’s so beautiful. She’s gone through so much, and I admire her.” When we all know that everyone in that top tier is thinking the exact opposite of those sentiments, and likely thanking fate that its not them.

I’m sorry, I just hate the hypocrisy of it all. It’s become so obviously un-genuine these days.

Essentially, humanity is afraid of aging, afraid of dying. So, we, over the ages have devised ideals seemingly divine to keep ourselves young, both in mind and body. It’s amazing really, that we’re that afraid we’ve created an entire culture around something that cannot be; Immortality.

Even though I’m not nearly prepared for death, I’m not sure I’d want to live forever either. I’m also not convinced medical science can, or should make immortality a reality.

We are supposed to grow old and die. It’s part of what makes us who we are. What would memories, family, friends, and lovers mean if time were no object? They might as well become passing interests on a very long journey. How would you make those things matter in that amount of time?

Putting aside that unrealized option, I wonder what generations such superficial people will do when their bodies begin to grow old and wither…

Just to be a complete bitch, I could almost wish for they never get that secret to immortality. 😛