New Year Update

I have not abandoned this blog after so many months of no posts, again. Plenty of things have been going on. I had been putting more time to marketing my artwork, and it became a job that eventually burned me out for a while. My parrot broke her leg, which was an ordeal of 2-3 months of special treatment for healing. There are other things, such as family health issues, but that’s really just adding to the excuses.

I 18,665 words invested in a project that I want to finish, and I have been reworking the prologue to extend some of the characters backstory. The themes are becoming more clear to me as I go along.

I can’t really even worry myself with the issue of publishing, as I think that whole bag of worms has evolved past traditional venues. By the time I finish a project, I believe publishing will be more electronic based and possibly easier for newer writers to get their stuff out. The marketing may end up going hand in hand with the electronic basis if some companies go with that route. There’s a part of me that would still like to see a traditional physical book if I get published some day.

In the meantime, I’ve been reading some classic scifi. Up The Walls Of The World by James Tiptree Jr. was very good. I enjoyed the world of the aliens and the communication they used; audible colors. Reminded me alot of cuttlefish, which are already are like little aliens. The human characters were also interesting, and some of their histories were a nice touch as well. I was impressed, considering this book had a black female lead character, but also its mention of female circumcision.  Of many science fiction writers at the time (1960’s-1970’s), few were women, or had many female character leads. Along with that was the rarity of diversity among the genre.

I have a few collections from Octavia Butler, which was likely one of very few authors to write from the perspective of others rather than the white male authors so prevalent at the time. I believe she emerged in the late 70’s (please correct me if I’m wrong).


Another book I read was a short story collection from Philip K. Dick.

Many of his short stories were turned into movies, some of which read better than the films, and some of which don’t. A familiar line of paranoia and conspiracy sets the tone for much of Dick’s work, and it makes for a fun twist at times.

My favorite picks from this collection were “Upon The Dull Earth”, “Golden Man”, and “The Second Variety”.


Anyway, just wanted to let the readers of the blog know that all is well, and the blog is still alive despite my absences. I will return soon.




2 thoughts on “New Year Update

    1. No problem. I’ve been needing to post. Updated my profile pick, too. I also recommend Octavia Butler. Her work is great, very character driven, and interesting in general.

      Actually picked up a non-fiction book today by Ray Kurzweil “The Singularity Is Near”. Should be interesting, and good fodder for writing concept ideas. It’s also a very thick book. He must’ve covered every detail!

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