Writing Materials & Finding The Love Again

writing materials

I have to admit that I’m no good at staring at a blank screen trying to type something. I actually prefer physical notebooks to write down my chapters or jot down ideas. I don’t know what it is exactly, but having something physical before me helps the writing process. Not to mention that I can take it to quiet places to concentrate on the work. It also makes things easier when finally sitting down at the blank screen, since I have the work already written down. Then the process becomes simple transfer with a bit of quick editing thrown in.

I suppose my need for physical objects to write falls in the same line as my preference for physical books. One takes for granted the tactile pleasures of the paperback and hardcovers. There’s also the smells, especially if it’s a brand new book.  I also enjoy the cover artwork on some books.

Rediscovering the love for an old project has also been an issue for me. After reading a blog post over at The Writer’s Path, this one here http://ryanlanz.com/2015/01/17/how-to-feel-like-writing-again/ I realized that I hadn’t edited my work in some time. I’ve just been trudging through trying to get as many chapters done as I could without stopping to edit. I can already see how going over all the material and polishing will make me feel again.

Pouring over the details and improving upon what you have can bring back the flame you once had for an old project. As I haven’t done this in many months, it will be a good opportunity to run over everything and tie up any loose ends.

I definitely suggest subscribing to the blog linked above if you are serious about writing. There are many great articles, interviews, and more.


To other writers out there, what works for you jot down your work/ideas? Physical or not?