About Me


I started the writing habit when I was about 14 or 15.  Of course, the stuff I attempted to write then was not the best quality.Thinking about it now, there’s something both nostalgic and embarrassing in the fact I wrote that stuff.

Over the next decade, something about this writing bug latched onto me, and now I’ve actually become quite attached to it. There’s just too many ideas in my head to not record them somehow. Finding a way to flesh them out is the most challenging part. Publishing is a hurdle I have yet to face, but I hear it’s very difficult.

My love for science fiction was cultivated during my adolescence. I have an innate desire to know how things work. One of my first loves is biology, and it has and continues to teach me a great deal about the way life functions. I’m always amazed by the variety of lifeforms on just this one planet, and it is a real challenge creating plausible forms of life that that may exist on other worlds. I also love the cerebral nature of of concepts and narratives in the genre. No other genre really satisfies me the way science fiction does.

In the last few years, I’ve been managing one or two novel projects. I’ve recently started writing flash fiction pieces. These are short pieces of 1000 words or less, and they are nifty little side dishes for my brain when I get burnt out on my larger projects.

At some point, I hope to weave a universe of my own with characters, creatures, and exotic worlds that some day readers will get to visit, via books of course.


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